Joint Dynamics Podcast: Dr. Laurena Law on Longevity

Show Notes

Dr Laurena Law is a third generation medical doctor from both Australia and Hong Kong. She is a practicing Longevity physician, who “re-educated” herself while being a successful Medical dr into the field of functional & integrative medicine, with a special interest in mid life women and the journey through menopause.

Along with being a member of the International Peptide Society, and board certified by the American Association of Anti-Ageing medicine (A4M) Laurena has represented Hong Kong in Powerlifting Championships & Muay Thai Fitness  (placing 1st in both these events), and moonlights as a Les Mills and TRX group instructor!

In this conversation with Andrew Cox | Joint Dynamics she shares her passion for medicine, giving a generational point of view, her evolution as a Dr, plus her Six Pillars of health.

In incredibly informative conversation sharing insights into longevity, menopause, and the roles of adjunct therapies in long term health and performance.

*This podcast is for educational and information purposes only. Not medical advice.

Here are some useful links for this podcast
• https://www.choysumhealth.com/
• IG  @doc_laurena & @@choysumhealthgroup 
• https://www.linkedin.com/in/laurena-law/?originalSubdomain=hk

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