The Gabby Reece Show Podcast: Mastering Gut Health and Defeating Chronic Inflammation with Professor Ben Beckman, PhD

Show Notes

My guest today is Benjamin Bikman, a teaching professor and author. Ben holds a degree in bioenergetics and is an associate professor at BYU. His research focuses on understanding the role of elevated insulin in regulating obesity and diabetes, including the relevance of ketones in mitochondrial function.

This conversation revolves around chronic inflammation, how to avoid it, and the difference between measuring glucose and true insulin sensitivity.

Ben is clearly on a mission to not only keep people healthy but also to help us understand the impact on our insulin sensitivity and the importance of factors such as movement, food, sleep, stress management, and more, in protecting our gut and maintaining insulin sensitivity.

There are numerous useful takeaways from this conversation that can be immediately implemented, regardless of our conditioning or health level.

Ben explains how certain oils (hidden in many of our foods) can harm our microbiome wall and how fruit juice can lead to fatty liver. He also discusses universal health principles that can benefit everyone. Additionally, Ben shares insights on the best time to eat dinner or consume calories throughout the day, and why he advocates for fasting and its benefits. Enjoy!

Key Talking Points:
• Why inflammation is at the root of chronic disease
• Key factors that lead to chronic inflammation
• Things you can do today to promote gut health
• Understanding the product ingredients at the grocery store

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