Rehab Science Podcast: How to Overcome Pain and Heal From Injury

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In this episode of the podcast, I explain the treatment model I use when treating patients. Understanding this model, will help you manage pain issues or injuries that you might be dealing with now or encounter in the future. This three phased model is covered in detail in each of the 30 rehab program in my self-guided rehab book and involves the following phases:

1. Reduce Pain & Sensitivity - interventions include soft tissue mobilizations (massage and myofascial release techniques, gentle mobility exercises, nerve glides and isometric contractions).

2. Address Impairments - In this phase of rehab, we focus on correcting any impairments that migh be present. These might include reduced mobility/range of motion, diminished motor control and/or limited strength.

3. Rebuild Capacity - This last phase revolves around making the musculoskeletal system more resilient via resistance or strength training. Resistance training improves the strength and durability of many tissues, including muscles, tendons and bones.

I hope this episode was helpful to you! Having a treatment plan like the one I outlined here can reduce anxiety and fear that are often associated with pain issues and injuries.